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To further CDLI's mission of increasing investment in neighborhoods, protecting the assets of homeowners, and protecting the environment, a low-interest rate loan product with zero application fees, and zero closing costs is now available to assist with the installation of a Suffolk County approved septic system replacement!

This new loan from CDLI is made available in conjunction with the Suffolk County Septic Improvement Program.  Under the Suffolk County Septic Improvement Program, homeowners may apply for a grant from Suffolk County to assist with the cost of replacing outdated and failing septic systems with state-of-the-art nitrogen reducing systems designed to reverse decades of damaging nitrogen pollution of ground and surface waters. CDLI will then make its low interest loan available, if the homeowner is in need of additional funds to cover the costs of installing the new system. These loans are made available with NO application fees and NO closing costs.

The purpose of the loan is to provide “gap” funds to finance the difference between the Suffolk County grant and the contract amount needed to install the replacement septic system. Loan amounts cannot exceed $10,000.

Remember: The purpose of the loan is to provide gap funds to finance the difference between the grant provided by Suffolk County and the contract amount needed to install the septic replacement system (up to $10,000).


1. Apply for Suffolk County Grant

If you have not already, apply for the Suffolk County grant


2. Suffolk County Grant Certificate

Obtain a Suffolk County Grant Certificate indicating the amount of your Suffolk County grant.

3. Check if you are pre-qualified

To assist in installer selection, you may want to be pre-qualified.


4. Determine Final Installation Cost

  • Obtaining an engineer’s report to determine appropriate system

  • Interviewing installers and obtain a quote

  • Filing all applicable permits and determine all associated costs

  • Contact us if you need help

5. Determine Eligible Loan Amount

Final Installation Cost minus the amount of the Suffolk County Grant equals the Eligible Loan Amount (up to a maximum of $10,000)

Apply for the Septic Replacement Loan

Once you've completed steps 1 through 5 apply for the loan. You can always contact us for help.

Contact Info


(631) 471-1215 ext. 1510 or 1930



We are a nonprofit exempt mortgage banker. Loans are arranged through third-party vendors. CDLI Funding Corporation is a Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity lender.

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Apply for Suffolk County Grant

Septic Replacement Loan Program

Septic Replacement Loan Program

A low-interest rate loan to update failing septic systems.

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