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First-Ever Long Island Zoning Atlas Comes To Life!

Interactive Zoning Atlas allows Long Island stakeholders to understand what kind of housing can and cannot be built across Nassau and Suffolk’s 1,200+ zoning districts.


This innovative online platform, the first of its kind in New York State, provides a comprehensive mapping of all zoning districts, offering detailed insights into the types of housing permitted in each area, and other critical characteristics.

With the zoning atlas you can:

  • find out which zones allow or prohibit different types of housing;

  • see what legislative & special taxation districts overlap with each zone;

  • access your municipality's zoning ordinance online.

Access the Long Island Zoning Atlas here.

User guideline below:

Download PDF • 2.46MB

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Access the Long Island Zoning Atlas.

Long Island Zoning Atlas

Long Island Zoning Atlas

Which zones allow or prohibit different types of housing and more.

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