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eHome America is an online home buyer education class where you will learn how to: shop for a home;  secure a mortgage; and maintain your home.  Class fee is $99.00.

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The Framework homebuyer course qualifies as the homebuyer education requirement for most local and national mortgage loan products and first-time homebuyer programs that require education. Learn what can you afford; how to fix or improve your credit; how to choose a realtor; how to shop for the best mortgage; the mortgage process; roles of the professionals involved in most home purchases; home inspection basics; and the closing process.

Educate yourself for smart homeownership with Framework. Class fee is $75.00

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  • Requirements are unique to each of the online learning tools listed

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We are a nonprofit exempt mortgage banker. Loans are arranged through third-party vendors. CDLI Funding Corporation is a Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity lender.

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Online Homebuyer Education

Online Homebuyer Education

Key concepts surrounding homebuying and homeownership.

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