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Thank you for your interest in the NYS First Time Homebuyer Grant Program.  

At this time we are not accepting applications.  

Please feel free to check back with us in the future for program updates and other programs of interest.

  • A deferred loan for the down payment and post-closing home repairs is available for first-time homebuyers. The goal of this program is to improve the quality of decent, affordable housing for New York and home buyers.

  • Household gross income must be below 120% of the area median income based on family size.

  • The deferred loan/grant can be up to $25,000, $32,500, or $40,000 based on family size and household income, and the number of repairs needed on the subject property.

  • This is a deferred loan, at 0% interest, with no payments required and a term of 10 years, during which time any refinance or transfer of home title will result in the recapture of funds or request from the homeowner for the subordination of the loan if qualified.

  • The home must be used as the primary residence and the homeowner is required to remain in the home for 10 years, or the loan must be paid back.

  • It is required that 51% of the deferred loan amount must be used for post-closing home repairs.

  • All home buyers are required to complete Community Development Long Island (CDLI) NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Center HUD approved Home Buyer Education class and counseling.

  • The Home Buyer is responsible for obtaining an Engineer’s report and CDLI rehabilitation staff will assist in identifying the repairs, contract with licensed and insured contractors to get the best pricing, and provide project management and oversight.

  • The home being purchased must be located in Nassau or Suffolk County must be a co-op, condominium, single-family, or legal two-family home, and must be owner-occupied. The purchase price cannot exceed $470,000.

  • The deferred loan will be secured with a note and mortgage. The income of all household members is used to determine eligibility. This program is in effect while funding is available. The program may end at any time.

  • One-month consecutive paystubs (anyone over 18)

  • Three years W-2 forms

  • Proof of any additional income as reported in the application

  • Three years signed Federal tax returns with all schedules

  • Owners of companies must provide corporate tax returns form (1120/ 1120-S, or 1065) with a Year-To-Date Profit & Loss statement

  • Three months of complete asset statements

  • Home Buyer Education Certificate from CDLI (if available)

  • Photo ID for all applicants

  • Documentation for additional grants funds being used for this transaction

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(631) 471-1215 ext. 1510 or 1930



We are a nonprofit exempt mortgage banker. Loans are arranged through third-party vendors. CDLI Funding Corporation is a Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity lender.

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At this time we are not accepting applications.  

NYS First Time Homebuyer Grant Program

NYS First Time Homebuyer Grant Program

Improving the quality of decent and affordable housing.

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